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We’re Off May 24, 2011

Filed under: Family Life,Moving — leighj @ 2:03 pm

We’re moving the boys this week. And in the middle of it, we’re going to a wedding in New Orleans.

Up until recently, Gilbert had been a calm, sweet baby. Teething has thrown him for a loop, and we’re starting to get a window into his personality. Seamus would never have been in danger of going head first off the couch, because he stops when he gets to an edge. Gil doesn’t even seem to notice there is an edge. Gilbert attempts to stand on his own, letting go after he pulls himself up on furniture. He’s reckless and fast, and wow! we have to watch him so carefully! He’s also funny, trying to make us laugh. He follows Seamus relentlessly, spurring a new phrase by S, “No! No share with Gilbert!”

Seamus is pretty patient with him though. However, he was laying on the chair the other day reading his book and Gil came up to him. It looked like a flash into the future. S is also doing well with his potty learning. Except he has discovered that at night, he can ask to go, and he gets to get out of bed one more time…

Here are some cute moving pictures of the boys:

These are photos of the boys 2 years and 8 months!


One Response to “We’re Off”

  1. Heather Says:

    Good luck with the move! I can’t believe it is all happening…

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