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So That’s Done April 19, 2011

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My dissertation defense was intense. I was expecting it to be stressful, but there is something even more stressful than I was anticipating about being at the front of a room with scholars invested in your work asking you questions about it, while at the same time all your friends and some of your family sit around trying to figure out why you’ve spent the last two years on this project that has a heaping pile of jargon in it. The questions were good, I didn’t get stumped, and when the dust cleared, my new title was Dr.

A special treat for the weekend was that my friend Heather and her boyfriend came down from Colorado for a visit. We had such a good time: went for a long walk, had pizza a Farina, went to Trader Joe’s (I love CO, but w/o a TJ’s it is not a place for me!), and went to the zoo. The boys really liked Heather and Rick, asking for “more Rick, more Heather” even after they were on their way. It might have something to do with the food Seamus was able to convince them to give him. Oh, who am I kidding? How about a bad mom story for your Tuesday morning? I forgot to take a sippy cup for Seamus to the zoo. We all sat on the grass having a snack. When the snacks were done, we were going to visit the polar bear and then leave. Seamus started asking for water, no–crying for water. Rick offered to go get him some from the snack bar. While he was gone, Seamus kept saying “Thirsty. Water, please.” Over and over. When Rick came back, clearly he was Seamus’s new best friend.

We got our NM taxes mailed yesterday. Down to the wire! Aaargh. The realtor is coming today to look at our house. I have to read for class and clean up the piles of junk. So the diss defense is over, but the new challenges are just beginning.


One Response to “So That’s Done”

  1. Maureen Bell Says:

    Seamus is so cute when he says Budget Deficit and Baba Ganough (sp.). I’m going to teach him to say Doctor Mama. Congratulations!!!! Love, Nana

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