On the Road to Find Out

Gilbert seems to be a very good second child. He is effortless falling into his role of taking Seamus’s things and chewing on them. Seamus, whose jealousy had abated for some time, seems to have taken a big old resentment pill towards his brother. Gilbert gets special foods–baba ganoush, banana, mango, pureed pasta–and Seamus wants “some of this” too. Right now! But he accepts it when I take Gilbert out of his highchair, collect the remains, and offer them to Seamus.

Seamus has also started crawling again–not often, because I think, like any person over the age of one, it hurts his knees to crawl–as a direct result of Gilbert getting so much attention for crawling. S has realized that he can get all kinds of attention if he uses the potty, but that’s still hit and miss.

Gilbert really is on the road to find out these days, moving himself pretty effortlessly around the house and, unlike when Seamus was doing this, there are no babygates to keep him contained to one area, so he can explore what ever he wants. I spend a lot of time fishing “baby gum”* out of his mouth.   *Not actually gum. A euphemism for junk on the floor that finds its way into his mouth.

I’m reading Tina Fey’s Bossypants. Can you tell? I’m trying to be funny and ironic.


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