Good Things

First, I am so proud of my friend M who has won the Ford Predoctoral Fellowship! She’s going to do some amazing work in the archives that will not only bring important covered-up things to light but she will also provide a strong analytical lens to view it with. I always admired how she gets her ideas and goes with them, now she really gets to go with them.

Second, I should also say how happy I am that Amanda’s store is doing great, even though it’s been open for a while. (What’s up, wordpress, no hyperlink?, if you want to check it out).

Gilbert is crawling up a storm and pulling himself up. He eats mango, yogurt, pureed noodles, and more. I never really pureed what we were eating for dinner for Seamus, but for Gil, I just throw a cup of whatever we’re eating, pasta, lasagne, enchiladas, whatever, in the food processor and let it go. I add some water or yogurt if it needs more liquid. And then he slurps it down.

The other night, Sarah came to baby sit and Seamus hollered, “Have fun!” to us as we were leaving. His language is incredible, but oh, when he can’t tell us what he wants, woe to the world. Yesterday we were headed away from daycare and we told him we were going to see “zay, zay” (his best friend), but he could not be consoled. He was crying, “czip” is the best I can render it here, and we had no idea what he was talking about, since he said he wasn’t hungry. Turns out, he wanted his jacket zipped up…

I just got a new pasta maker, so I see lots of fresh noodles in our future.

My dissertation defense is in less than a week, and I met with the Office of Graduate Studies guru yesterday to iron out signature, formatting, and submission questions.



  1. I am not surprised by S’s language skills. As a little girl you were always blowing me away with the things you could say, do or know.

  2. I am so happy your defense will be complete when we visit..we can celebrate all the great things in life!

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