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What the Youngest is Doing March 24, 2011

Filed under: Family Life — leighj @ 2:33 pm

Gilbert is the only one up this morning. I’m not complaining, but I think Seamus may be on his very own sleep schedule that the rest of the family doesn’t comprehend. He’s been sleeping until 8 or 8:30 recently. Of course, it could be the evil time change that has thrown him off.

So Gil. He’s really trying to crawl, but somehow he only manages to push himself backwards. One thing that he can do that Seamus couldn’t is push himself to a seated position without my help, so this means that his mobility is more along the lines of, sit, bend forward, get on all fours, push himself backwards, triangulate to a sit, and then look around, bend forward again, and go somewhere else.

He’s also eating a lot. We realized that as we waited a while to really give him solids, because his nose was so stuffy, that when we did, he’s really taken to them. Some favorites are yogurt, tomato sauce, sweet potato, applesauce, and avocado. But when he’s hungry, watch out! He can eat as much as Seamus! Plus we’re at that sweet spot of nursing where I have to eat everything in sight just to keep my energy up. More apple pie, please!

Right now, he’s playing with one of the books, tasting it, looking at the pictures, and more. He’s starting to pull-up, and he thinks he’s pretty clever. Next up for him, night-weaning. I really need to sleep all night.

We’ve moved him into nine month clothes, because his six month clothes were stretching the seams (or snaps, more accurately!). I observed to Patrick that with Seamus, we were always moving him into stuff that was too big or advanced for him, and with Gil, we’re just waiting until he outgrows things. Like the infant sling in the stroller. Oops, Seamus is up…just when things get deep, I gotta go!


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