What’s 230 Pages and (nearly) Done?

That’s right. My dissertation!  I put it all together yesterday, with the version of Chapter 2 I’m getting happier with, adjusted the margins to suit OGS, and voila! 230 pages. I also started writing the conclusion yesterday. It’s been a long time since I opened a blank document and started working on it. As in, mostly I’m tinkering with, overhauling, expanding, or cutting something I’ve already written. I also do pastiche. A new blank document was a little intimidating!

In other news, Seamus and I had a rousing game of hide-n-seek last night. He got so excited to find me, but I had to keep giggling (tee hee hee) to keep him interested. However, afterward, he was way too worked up to sleep, and P and I heard him talking to himself in his crib long after we went to bed.

A think I love about New Mexico: My students are so thoughtful, diverse, and hard working (for the most part). I was reminded of this yesterday when teaching a literary selection from Luther Standing Bear’s My People the Sioux. One of my students began talking about how she didn’t like the pro-boarding school aspect of the selection because her great grandfather had been taken to boarding school and when he and another boy ran away, the other boy had been shot and killed! These real life connections happen all the time in my classes–although that could have something to do with my field and location–teaching ethnic and Chicana/o literature in the Southwest.

You know what gets me excited/anxious? Being almost done. And then on to a whole new set of challenges. Not the least of which is selling the house….It does feel good to post that title though!



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