Cabin Fever…and Then Some

This week. It was fun to see the snow and be off from school on Tuesday. It was less fun on Wednesday, but by Thursday, when I went to teach my class and then the university closed 2 hours after my class through the weekend, it became ridiculous. Yesterday it was 45 degrees here. The closings meant Patrick was off from school and that the boys’ daycare was shut down, as it is affiliated with the university. We’ve been going out and about just to ease the cabin fever.

A few funny things happened:

  • I had a phone interview on Tuesday, the first day of the “break.” I went out to sit in the car and almost missed their call all together. I was trying to knock snow off the car, in case my signal failed out there.
  • The weather was so cold, New Mexico was having gas shortages. We all felt guilty until we realized that the reason we are having gas shortages is because Texas is not. And cold for them, well, it wasn’t -5. Ahem.
  • We busted out of the house to our favorite breakfast place two days in a row. We don’t usually take the boys, but they acted pretty good, enjoying the muffin and banana–Seamus anyway, Gil just looked around and looked cute.
  • The city asked the public schools to not be in session to save heat for residential use. But all the businesses in town were open.

We still have it. Six days in a row. Can I please go back to work on Monday?


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