Shamelessly Materialistic

A few weeks ago, it snowed a lot. Patrick and I were very excited to go skiing on Sandia,but when we got to the other side of the mountain, we discovered that the lifts were closed. What a bummer, especially since we had a sitter until one! So we did what any sane people would do and turned around and had breakfast out and went shopping.

In Nob Hill, we found some clothes for the boys that were themed with Eastern Europe. As an undergrad, I did my study abroad in Romania, and I still would love to go back to the mountains there again. (I also enjoyed Bucharest,dirty and smoggy though it was.) The little boys’ clothes were so evocative of those colors, that we just had to get some. Side note: It’s good that we don’t have a girl because I would be broke from the adorable clothes.

Here’s Seamus modeling the “Ski Romania” shirt and trousers:

Seamus in Romania

I call this post shamelessly materialistic because these clothes are the preppy designer who chooses to focus on one region of the world every year to design a collection. I’m so glad we picked up some of the Romania collection (in many sizes so they’ll be decked out for years to come). The collection is doing Spain next year. I guess I’ll have to go to Spain and make some memories that I want to behold on my boys’ bodies…



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