Things I Did for the First Time in 2010

I reserve the right to add to this list. Not in any important order.

  1. Became a mother of two.
  2. Interviewed for jobs not at a grocery store.
  3. Made candles.
  4. Orchestrated a stealth attack on friends while snowshoeing, and convinced a very mild-mannered friend to join my team!
  5. Heard Seamus’s first word…Ball.
  6. Went to the Albuquerque Zoo.
  7. Went to the ABQ Aquarium and Botanical Garden.
  8. Visited Amanda in her new place.
  9. Met Josie.
  10. Weaned a child.
  11. Ran-Biked-Swam.
  12. Used an immersion blender.
  13. Went to the NWSA conference.
  14. Met my outside reader.
  15. Ate a boatload of salted caramel ice-cream.
  16. Had the best ice-cream on Bainbridge Island.
  17. Tried Deschutes Jubeale.
  18. Dreamed about having a real job.
  19. Had four birthday cakes.
  20. Went to a tiki party.

A few things I’ve done before, but were still pretty awesome:

  1. Bought a new suit.
  2. Gave birth.
  3. Saw a baby smile for the first time.
  4. Hang out with Patrick.
  5. Write chapters of my dissertation.
  6. Read books.
  7. Shift tenses!

What are you putting on your list?


1 comment

  1. While your lists are excellent, they reflect the innocence of your youth. As you age, your lists of awesomeness will be replaced with new fetes of
    serendipitous achievements. Something as simple as seeing a mother fox and her cubs in an open cow pasture can ignite the passion for life.
    My quest to be a minimalist, and a vegetarian, is still that, a quest. But I approach it one step at a time. There are many forces in play to block
    your onward and upward goals. Persistence is the key to successes.
    Persistence. Word.

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