My Little Bookworm. Like Mother, Like Son

I used to worry that Seamus wasn’t going to be a reader. His attention span was just too short to enjoy a book. But now, he reads all the time. It is so funny to look through the cut-out between our kitchen and living room and watch him reading his books, by himself on the chair. He talks to the books and has started giving each book a name that has something to do with the title.

The other day, I asked him to bring the Mr. Brown moo book to me. And instead of Dr. Seuss’s Mr. Brown Can Moo, Can You? he brought over Click, Clack Moo: Cows that Type which features the cows, duck, and Farmer Brown. So we read that instead, and he’s developed the ability to sit still for longer stories.

With all this book love comes a problem. Sometimes Seamus loves his books too much. He’s ripped pages by accident and some of the books are suffering use injuries of having been read and flipped through many, many times. We’re reluctant to discipline him for tearing a page because I don’t want to suggest to him that he shouldn’t play with his books on his own, but I did spend one weekend remembering that I had once thought it would be cool to have a job as a archival librarian taking care of all the delicate manuscripts. Who knew if I wanted to fix books, I could just have a job as a mom to a toddler.

We’re trying to teach him to put his books back on the shelf when he’s through with them, and you would think, since he has mastered this skill at daycare, he’d be good with it at home too, but he’s not. And I guess, at daycare his favorite author is Eric Carle, but at home he doesn’t pay too much attention to the Carle books. He likes Sandra Boynton, David Shannon, and he’s starting to like Curious George and the book about the Day You Were Born, where he points to the little person and says, “Seamus.”

When I was a child (oh, let’s be honest, even now) I hated for people to borrow my books if they were going to crease the spine. It took me a long time as a graduate student to begin making notations in my books. I guess I’m going to impart a love for reading and a certain neurosis on Seamus. No getting around it.



  1. buy a roll of clear packaging tape and just repair them. I wish I had saved all the books I used to have for you and your brothers. I would send them to you. Not sure what happened to them– think maybe donated to the local library.

    Funny to think his generation may be the last to have books made of paper — his children may have a child version of ebooks only. So save some of the beat-up, torn page, repaired books for your grandchild.

  2. Yay for Click Clack Moo!

    My new favorite author is ISOL- look up “Tener un patito es util” (not sure how it is called in English), it is her only board book.

    love ya!

  3. We need to teach our kids how to make heavy machinery out of landfill junk since there will be no more books or formal education relatively soon. Feudalism bites.

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