New Suit, New Class, New Day

I slept like the dead last night. And when 5:30 rolled around and the little guy wanted to eat, I fed him, got up, and discovered that I had my course assignment for next semester in my email box.

I thought I was going to be teaching the second half of the American literature survey, but it turns out that they’ve assigned me to the second half of the WORLD literature survey. The syllabus is fairly prescribed, but I’m excited because the literature does look really interesting so I’ll probably learn something too.

Oops, I hear Seamus, so I’ll be quick.

I got a new suit yesterday. I’m Ann Taylor-ed out. I was too exhausted after trying things on to look for shoes, so perhaps I’ll do that today. I did go to Dillard’s for shoes, but the salespeople were driving me nuts, following me around. I just want some low black heels that don’t look old-ladyish people, and you keep showing me shoes that I will break my ankle in! So I didn’t buy anything, rationalizing that I’d like to put the pants on and come back.

Seamus is more insistent, gotta go! Sorry for the woefully inadequate blog post.



  1. There is something to be said about limiting shopping to only one or two stores that you really love especially if you have limited time for shopping. I personally used Chico’s exclusively for my dressy clothes. They have weird sizing but I know my size for jackets, pants, skirts and tops (and they are not all the same size). They have elastic waists — which may not be a necessity for you since your are younger. One big advantage is that no matter what I buy there it probably matches something I have at home since I’ve been shopping there for years and they don’t tend to vary things much. I love their Traveler’s line because you can absolutely wad those things up in a ball and shake out the winkles. It tends to be expensive, but I mostly buy on sale.

    Anyway, by limiting shopping options less time is used in decison making during buying. After awhile you find you have developed a style and because things go together and always look like YOU — you save time and effort at home too when getting dressed.

  2. World Lit huh? Hmmm. I don’t know much about that. I might have to take your course. I wonder if it’s a best of the best of the best writers
    situation, or a geographical distribution/historical selection. Does it all tie together in a theme or evolution? You must say more. Don’t leave the undereducated in suspense!
    As for Gilbert and Seamus, just leave them in a cave with some wolves.
    It’ll probably all turn out about the same. Genetic coding is responsible for 99% of human behaviour I just read.

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