Exciting News

I have decided to do the Jingle Bell Triathlon in December. Yes. This December.

I was swimming with my friend G the other day, and she remarked on how motivated I must be to be out and exercising again so soon after the baby. It’s true. I am motivated, but as we laughed about it, I am motivated by clothing, not by health, fitness, etc. I must look good in my new suit, that I have not procured yet, for MLA in January in Los Angeles, and NWSA in two weeks in Denver.

The Jingle Bell Triathlon is similar to the Patriot Triathlon I did two years ago, only this time we go backwards: run, bike, swim. I’m not sure how I feel about jumping off the bike and into the pool in December, even if the pool is indoors. Especially since I will not be one of the first people in the pool, it is bound to be gee-ross.

Meanwhile, I’ve been training, hahahaha. I ran on Friday, in my vibram five fingers in the foothills. I was sore for three days. I love running in those shoes though. And then on Sunday, I swam a 1000m with G (who had done a 5k that morning) and I think we define weekend warrior. Anyway, I’m ramping up my training schedule and plan to take the old five fingers to Denver. I’m trying to convince Patrick to get a pair. REI’s scratch and dent sale is Saturday, so who knows, maybe he’ll snag some for cheap.

While my folks were here, Seamus started walking and running with much more determination to do it himself. There was no keeping him in a shopping cart this weekend, and on a quick jaunt to Babies R Us to get him some more shoes for his ever enlarging feet, I lost him. He had decided to run amok in the nursery furniture and play his own version of hide-and-seek. I found him behind a crib that wasn’t put together well. And we left. No more peaceful shopping outings with Seamus.



  1. recently found a journal entry from the time we all “misplaced” Bret in Aspen. I will have to send it to you.

  2. Slow and steady wins the race.
    Rome wasn’t built in a day.
    One step at a time.

    Those short whipsaws are timeless in their advice. Do you really want to engage on such ambitious physical training so soon at a time of great demand on your time? Which person suffers this errand? A solid 3 mile run per day will suffice, along with diet and proper meditation(yoga).
    A coughing, gagging, wheezing, bleary/teary-eyed interviewee isn’t my idea of a hire for the next 35 years, while I have to go shake loose their
    salary from alumni, parents, and grants. Workshop your plan. oxox dad

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