Gilbert Smiles!

It’s been a wild and fun weekend. On the agenda: Balloon Fiesta, Swim Lessons, a walk to the park, grocery shopping, REI, and tonight, Patrick and I will leave these two clowns with Sarah and go to Pizza and Pint night for some much needed away togetherness.

But these boys are a blast:

Gilbert Tries on Seamus's Hat
Go Wildcats!
Seamus helps with the picnic gear.
Having it all
Gilbert Smiles!!

He started smiling and cooing Friday night in his bath. It’s so exciting! It makes Seamus a little jealous when I say, “Can you smile for Mama?” and he starts grinning too. Seamus was just in the room with me and he heard the free music truck. He was out of here so fast! My highlighters, which had been entertaining him up to this point could no longer cut it. He says, “help” when he needs it, “knock, knock” when he wants to enter a room, and “mok” for milk, which he wants every time the baby nurses.

Next week our daycare is closed on Thursday and Friday. It’s going to be a long weekend!


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  1. I finally had the opp to sit down and catch up on your blogs. The Otis Spunkmeyer Banana Nut muffins swiped from breakfast at the La Quintas
    along the way and fresh coffee are rejuvenating my creative thoughts. The
    pics are just great! More pics! Your UK outfit is so yesterday now that UK
    lost to Auburn. I’m switching to a S. Carolina fan for the rest of the year.
    If Seamus looked more like Patrick, and Gilbert more like YOUR mo. old
    baby pics, they’d be clones of you two. “These boys are a blast.”? Revisit
    that sentence in 15 years. oxox

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