It’s My Blog’s Birthday!

It’s a crazy week, but I wanted to acknowledge this milestone. One year ago today I had my epiphany about what to name my blog (beleive me, this had been holding me back from blogging) and the rest is history–or at least in the blog archives off to the right of this post!
Today, Seamus woke up from his nap, went to a sleeping Gilbert and started rocking the bouncy chair. Then he picked up G’s pacifier and gave me a sly look. (He knows he’s not supposed to put it in his mouth.) I asked, “Can you give it back?” and he immediately tried to cram it into his closed mouth. We quickly redirected to snack time for Seamus.


I’m substitute teaching today. We’re doing Whitman and Douglass’s editorials re the Mexican War. I re-read these today for fun and in the name of being prepared. It’s going to be a fun class. I’m also atoning for my professional sins.


I have more to say but will be back tomorrow to reveal it all. How’s that for a cliff-hanger?


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