Things I Love about a New Baby

With Gilbert, I am constantly reminded of all the adorable little things newborns do that I had forgotten. Of course, I’m also reminded of the constant diaper changing, burping ritual, why-is-he-crying insanity.

  • The sigh of relaxation against my body that says sleep is coming soon for the little one (and for me).
  • The stretch that arches the back, throws the hands up, and curls in the legs in a moment. The way their head moves from side to side to get the full benefit of that stretch. The way it’s automatic when coming out of the swaddle blanket.
  • The magic of the swaddle.
  • The milk coma.
  • The way the baby’s mouth purses up after eating in a pucker. I don’t really know how to explain this, but I’ll try to get a camera near me sometime to capture a picture of it.
  • The little grunts and pops as he tries to find his thumb or a finger to suck on.
  • The surprised “o” of his mouth.
  • The eyes that become more open and moving every day.
  • The warm little body that would like nothing better than to sleep in my lap.

Of course there are some big differences (like this baby sleeps at night for a long time), but so many things remind me of Seamus as a little one.

Now Seamus seems so big. And he’s clearly proud of himself for knowing words and concepts and he’s working so hard right now that when he goes to bed, he says, “Night night, bye bye” because he needs sleep so badly to recharge that brain of his. Yesterday he read an entire book all by himself, and before you get too excited, it was a book with one word on each page, and a picture of a stuffed animal to illustrate the word, but he got them all.

I guess I love this little new baby stage for the anticipation of what this little tiny bundle of impulses is going to become. But I also love the moments.

We’re going to Denver in six weeks. We both have conferences to attend, and I found us an all-suite hotel within walking distance to both conferences. Are we crazy to attempt this? Maybe. But it’s good networking and will be our first family vacation (sort of, but we’ll still be working). Bonus, the hotel has a kitchen in the room. I sense that we’ll be bringing at least one dinner with us so that we don’t have to take both boys to a restaurant more than necessary.



  1. Were you trying to sneak in and out of Denver without telling me? Haha. I know you two will be busy (very) but maybe we can sneak in a visit, and I can meet little Gil. I will be in KY Nov 4-9 though, hopefully that’s not the same time.

      1. Rick and I just stayed at the Burnsley a couple of weeks ago. You will love it! The patio and views are top-notch!

  2. What a beautiful description of the baby’s beginnings. I thoroughly enjoyed reading and rereading. You may have promise yet of being a
    romance novelist!

    1. I completely agree with you, Dr. J.
      Leigh, this description made me want to have another baby! Then I realized what I was thinking and looked at my half-grown children and changed my mind. But, this post – lovely!!

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