Professional Setback, Personal Victory

Oh, it has been a week. I’m really trying to get a lot done, but the cooking, and the laundry, and the diaper-changing, and the crying…they never end.  And we’re out of milk and soy milk, so I actually had to cut a bagel in half this morning and toast it instead of just putting milk and cereal in a bowl for breakfast. But a couple of interesting events.

Yesterday, our friend alerted us to the “Can You See Us NOW?” bike ride down route 66 from Nob Hill to Old Town. It was a parade speed ride to raise awareness of cyclists in the city. As a cyclist who’s been hit by car (back when I was pregnant with Seamus–the hit cracked my helmet in 3 places, but I was unscathed enough to ride the bike home), this ride is something I’ve wanted to do, but I didn’t realize it was happening this weekend. Patrick pumped up his air horn and sounded it occasionally, which frightened the people around us. Seamus slept for a good portion of the ride, then when we got to Old Town, he got out of the trailer and ran around. We left Gilbert with Patrick’s mom. I’m only 16 days post-partum, and while I felt great for the ride down and back, I might have over done it a wee bit. I’m super tired today, probably a result of being in the sun and exerting myself. It was a great bike community feeling, and there were at least 400 people out and about. Lots of folks with kids.
Lest you think I’m overly accomplished, I’m going to cop to a ridiculously bad work week. I was writhing with shame and guilt over this last week, because I hate having people think I’ve been irresponsible. It’s a complex, I know. I revised my job letter and sent it to my adviser. Or so I thought. What I actually did was send him the unrevised version that he had already commented on. I didn’t realize it until he sent it back to me with more or less the same comments over again. Then I apologized via email and sent the revised version. Later I realized that I sent that email five times, because the mouse got stuck clicking send. So yeah, I wasted his time, and then I spammed him. Where did my brain go?

Now I’m trying to get organized. I’ve made a list of everything I’m supposed to send for each job I’m applying for. I’ve made sheets for my committee with the due dates of letters and where to send them, and I’ve targeted eight jobs as the most desirable ones so I can focus my letter for them. I’ve ordered transcripts (five of them, which I thought was ample until I realized that four jobs want them, and if any new jobs come up wanting transcripts, well, I’m going to have to order them again). I’ve revised my writing sample. I’ve located electronically my published articles, and I’m hoping that new baby brain doesn’t attack me again during this process.

The new baby is awfully cute, and he’s still sleeping pretty good stretches. His less than desirable trait is his need to be walked so he can burp. This process takes twenty minutes after he eats, but then he’s back down for a long stretch at night. Oh, though, how painful it is to drag myself out of bed, then out of the chair. It’s a good thing he’s cute. Sarah is doing a bang up job of taking care of two boys. She’s fantastic.


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