Confessions–Highs and Lows

They’re both asleep, but probably not for much longer. Seamus has been asleep for an hour and a half. I think the last week had been really busy for him. Gilbert’s kind of in and out; I’m hoping he doesn’t wake Seamus.


I, unlike most people, got up earlier before I had children. I used to get up with Patrick around 6, now I wait until Seamus makes me around 7:30.

After talking with one of my friends, who said surprisingly, “I’d like to do the birth experience, but I don’t want children” I’ve been trying to figure out what that means. So, for me, I’d much rather be a wet nurse than a surrogate. Unfortunately, my preferred services went out of fashion. Surrogates can make a lot of money though…

Laundry is one thing that doesn’t get easier with the second. Especially when both kids are in cloth diapers.


  • Doing it by myself today. At least until 12:30 when Seamus goes to daycare. Everybody, including me, got fed.
  • I dropped Seamus off at daycare, and he walked from the car to his classroom. Big deal, because he usually pitches a fit if we don’t carry him.
  • When he wakes up in the morning, Seamus says, “Mama! Dada? Baby?” like he’s checking to make sure we all made it through the night.
  • Gilbert sleeping a four hour stretch last night and the night before. I know, writing it out will jinx it, but it sure felt good.
  • Looking at job posts. Things are looking good.
  • The tart D, A, and C brought over.
  • Having my parents here to cook for us, play with the babies, and make things easier on us all around.


  • Seamus’s reaction to meeting Gilbert for the first time. Huge, heaving sobs. Big crocodile tears. Utter betrayal of his parents. (Although, looking back, it’s kind of funny.)
  • Both boys crying, and only one pair of hands to make it work. A corollary: feeling irritated with Seamus for when he handled the baby roughly. I have to remind myself, he’s still little too.

It’s been an emotional week. Next week I’m back to work, seriously, because a lot of job applications are due the FIRST of October! I may not blog as often, or I may just put up a picture or two. You do want me to get a job, don’t you?

Seamus in Gilbert's Chair

Trying to keep Seamus out of this chair is an exercise in frustration, if not futility. I have to hide it from him, which kind of defeats the purpose. Last night, I said, “That’s Gilbert’s chair. Let’s go get Seamus’s chair,” and he raced after me to figure out which one was his chair. It’s the little frog prince chair that he’s had forever, but it did satisfy him somewhat.

Seamus at about a week in the same chair.
Gilbert in the chair

They do look a little alike, but Seamus is so big now. Here is the first picture of him “holding” Gilbert, from my mom.

Seamus and Gilbert
Gilbert Four Days Old

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