My friends threw a surprise baby shower for me on Friday. It was quite a nice surprise–really, because I had no idea they were planning anything. We had margaritas, chips and salsa, and food at El Pinto. It wasn’t the “ice cream” Christine said we were going out for, but it was really fun. I enjoyed seeing the folks I like being around, and they were all so sweet to show up and put it together. So whoever said don’t have a surprise party for a pregnant woman was wrong because it was just good fun, and frankly, if it had shocked the baby out of me, I’m not sure I would have been too upset. Thanks, friends!

Clearly, the baby still isn’t here. If he were, you’d know about it. I’m thinking maybe I will get my September baby after all. I think September is a nice month to be born in, all the leaves changing and turning toward fall. I’m sorry that the prediction game is almost a bust–trust me, I’m as disappointed as you!

Yesterday, Patrick and I had an afternoon off because Sarah’s schedule for us right now is that she watches Seamus on MW and Sunday. We’re alternating 9-12, and 2-5, but we might also try to build in a 4-7 rotation, so we can go out to dinner on Sunday night. This week we did 2-5, and we packed in the fun! We went to Winnings Coffee Co, where Patrick ran into one of his new students (a situation we didn’t encounter much when he was teaching on the West Side). We sat and read through the Washington Post Food sections. I learned some interesting things about beer–for instance, the colonial brewers didn’t do much with hops because they didn’t have a taste for them or a lot of access to them. Then we decided to head down to Marble so Patrick could have a beer, and I could have a root beer. Then final stop, Whole Foods and Smith’s gas. On our return, Patrick installed the newly acquired booster seat into Sarah’s car so she can safely drive Seamus to daycare.

I was thinking, if Patrick drank a few beers, then I might go into labor and have to drive myself to the hospital. How’s that for tempting fate? Yesterday, I ate an entire pineapple and walked 3.75 miles. For my efforts, I had contractions 10 min. apart for about 2 hours. I also have a papaya to eat today.


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  1. Glad both you and Patrick are having some fun unstressed time together. Just about everybody in my immediate neuclear (is that really spelled the same way as the bomb? Well families can be explosive) family have September birthdays but me. So this new baby is welcome to join the group and I probably will remember his birthday. I do remember Seamus’ because he was first and I was so looking forward to him getting here. My first guess for the new one’s arrival has passed, but I still think he will be born on a weekend so I’m moving my guess up to Sept 4 or 5th.

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