Today Works

Today I am not going to think about if the baby is coming. Instead, I’m going to enjoy the fact that Sarah is watching Seamus, and there are sounds of hilarity coming from my living room, while I work in the office. I’m going to be super happy that revisions on Chapter Three are becoming more clear to me and allow myself to get a little excited about the fact that I think this chapter will turn into not one, but two, good articles, both of which fit special calls for papers out on the wire right now.

Today I am going to go swimming, eat popcorn and ice cream, and pretend that it’s still summer, despite the fact that everybody I know has had a facebook status update about returning to school in the last week. I like what my friend M had to say on the subject, “Happy New Year!” and it is. School always feels like the beginning of something, and I’m glad this little guy’s birthday will be around the beginning of school. (Additionally cool that Seamus’s is at the end of the school year.) For me this year, it’s even more internally motivated–speaking of spacing, I hope I didn’t lose my new copy code. It’s a pain to ask about. But I’m trying to finish a variety of projects, whereas last year I was trying to start this big crazy project.


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  1. I just caught up with your last 6 blogs and they were most informative and entertaining simultaneously. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on a wide array of topics. It’s a refreshing read. It sounds like Seamus is tracking as a normal human being. I’m reminded of the chimpanzee studies of sharing and cooperation of recent by sociologists. Your farmer’s market sounds like so much fun. I wish every town had a thriving farmer’s market. It would be good for the community and the farmers, and it would save so much energy. See you soon. Hi to P and Seamus!

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