Farmer’s Market Bounty

We’re trying to find more things to do on the weekends to help them go by not faster, necessarily, but with less looking at the clock. This weekend, we were super ambitious and ventured out to the Los Ranchos Grower’s Market. True to form, we bypassed the earliest, prettiest booths to get back into the market, where the tomatoes were cheaper and the scales friendlier.

We had some great finds, including some fingerling potatoes, that I later turned into Patatas Bravas from Vegan Fire & Spice. They were pan fried, then tossed in cayenne and paprika, and finished with a tomato paste and red wine vinegar sauce. Spicy and delicious! As a side note, we’re trying to cook one new recipe a week from our cookbooks, and this might fall off entirely when the new baby arrives, but for now, it’s seriously expanding our repertoire. Other finds included okra, which looked really good and tasted fresh when I cooked it. My friend asked, “How do you keep the slime off okra?” and actually, I’m not really sure. Does freshness matter? Pan frying v. deep frying? Any ideas? We also got some excellent peaches and tomatoes. The corn was only okay. But the big, glaring signal that we were not in Portland or Seattle was that the coffee—oh, the coffee—was terrible.

We also has Seamus’s second to last swim class. I’m so glad we signed up for these. He actually jumped in the water on Saturday in pursuit of a toy he wanted. Happy Birthday to our friend Naomi, who had the most incredible cake made by Yumi. There were sheep in a paddock made out of pancakes and yogurt frosting! There were turtles made from pancakes and avocados. It wasn’t sugar sweet, but it was the sweetest cake I’ve ever seen.

On Sunday, we had ambitious plans as well. These included the zoo and swimming at my friend’s apartment pool in the afternoon. Note to self. Every single time Patrick has planned to go swimming in this pool it rains. Why should yesterday be any different? We got ready to leave the house at 8:49 to get to the zoo while it was still “cool” out. Haha. We stepped outside and the heat and humidity were already too high. In my 37 weeks pregnant state, I looked at Patrick and vetoed the idea. Then we lolled around for a while finally deciding to venture out again later to Costco and swimming. As soon as I loaded the swim gear into the car…Rain! Big storms all afternoon and into the evening! It did cool it off, but our plans for Sunday were a huge bust. So we cooked up the Farmer’s Market Bounty and invited friends over for dinner and let the evening drift toward 8:00 and bedtime, for everybody.

We will be going back to the Farmer’s Market. And sometime before the end of summer, we will all swim together at Jeremy’s pool. I have goals.



  1. I love the receipe idea. Be creative while you have the time.
    I have revised my prediction on when the little one will arrive, I think, Mon or Tues the 23rd or 24th. We’ll see.
    How about eggplants, have you had those this year?

  2. Nana Bell’s prediction for the birthdate of #2 Son is August 31, Sandy Goldman’s birthday. Hope you’re feeling well, Leigh!

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