Who Wants to Play a Game?

I’m not bored so much as kind of at a loss for a few days. As I explained to Patrick last night, this is the first fall I won’t be starting some kind of school since I was three years old! I’m still working on the dissertation; in fact, I have a meeting with my advisor today to strategize the fall, conclusion, job search, etc. Obviously when the baby comes, I’ll have much to do and I’ll probably miss this day and yesterday and tomorrow.

We got our pint glass, thanks to some clever engineering by our friends, the POETS. It was one of the best afternoons I’ve spent in a while. People seemed relaxed, the babies behaved, and the pigeons on the patio ate all the food the babies dropped. Moreover, I felt relaxed.

Our previously sweet baby has become a terror! He climbs everything, he stuffs food in his mouth and calls for more before swallowing, he dive bombs our bellies without warning, and all of this is probably because he has finally begun napping at daycare, so he has a lot more energy in the afternoon than he used to.

And on to the game…Baby 2 is due Sept. 2. Any bets on when he’s coming?



  1. My first comment must address your “accuasation” that we, as parents enrolled you in an organized school by age 3. Not true. It was 5 y.o. Is this a published attempt to justify your times absent from your small child that needs you so desperately? Are you rationalizing on this? Is 3 then new 5 for dumping a child on society?
    Second, I seldom ask if you’re finished with the dissertation, so as a parent, I must take exception to the idea that I “support” you on this. I haven’t helped at all. It’s all by you, and like your government will show you, You’re On Your Own, in everything!
    Yes, it’s hard to find time for your mate. Just wait until you’re semi retired. There’s more demands on your time than ever. EVER!
    Enjoy your life. It’s what happens while you go through the days! Think of
    poor Tony Hayward of BP. He wanted HIS life BACK!

  2. Hi– I was wondering what you were doing about school and the new baby. I’m sorry I haven’t been reading this blog. I vow to now, but once the new one comes you’ll probably never have time to write again. I was reading old journals and in 1997 I have an entry “I got a new puppy and I’m tinking of naming her Curly” — big gap in journal of several years! I am sorry that I didn’t get the pun in your blog name when you first told me it’s title. Hahaha. Better later than never, I guess.

  3. Well I am going to weigh in on this! I am betting baby #2 arrives on the 18th of August, it’s “Murphry’s Law”.
    But anytime now, we are anxiously awaiting!

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