Nursery (or Corner) Ready

Right before Seamus was born, Patrick and I went through the very stereotypical “nesting” impulse, which for us meant that we rearranged furniture for weeks before the baby came. We moved the guest room furniture to make room for a crib, dresser, glider, and shelves. We moved my desk out of the office, in a hugely symbolic move that worried me for weeks–would I lose IDENTITY as someone who worked if I no longer had a desk? All in all we were ready with a welcoming nursery for him when he arrived two weeks early.

For this baby, I’ve been wringing my hands over the question of what he’s going to sleep on. We knew he’d have to be in the office because we didn’t want to risk Seamus getting up multiple times a night, and we don’t co-sleep because neither one of us sleeps very well when there’s a tiny baby in the bed. (A medium sized four month old is a little different, and I’ve been known to bring one into bed, nurse him, and fall back asleep before moving him back to a crib.) Early on though, I used to wake up with panic attacks and start stripping covers off the bed before I was completely awake. I was looking for the baby I was sure was somehow still in the bed. I actually did this a couple of time, surprising Patrick out of his own needed sleep.

We thought about a bassinet, but that would only work for 3-4 months, and we’re not sure if Seamus would be ready for a “real” bed yet. Plus, the mattresses for bassinets are really dinky. We didn’t really want to buy another crib, especially because our house is pretty small–and if you can’t use all your gear for the next baby, well that’s just poor planning…

The verdict? A mini-crib. It fits in the corner of the office, we ordered a better mattress for it, and we moved the glider into the office to make a very mini-nursery for this baby. I love it. The futon is now is Seamus’s room, in a permanent up position. I wonder if it surprises him when he comes home and we’ve rearranged all the furniture in his room. I love his room now too. It’s cleaner and now it actually has his stuff in it since I moved all the little clothes and breastfeeding supplies out. There’s still work to do on the office to create a little more space, but isn’t it cute?

Corner Nursery

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