The Good News or the Bad?

Yuck, what a week. So I guess the bad first. On Monday, Patrick and I got the dreaded call from daycare. No, it wasn’t “Your child has bitten another child” but the “He has a fever, so please pick him  up…now.” On an overly cautious note, I went ahead and called the doctor while we were on our way to pick him up. Normally, I’d bring him home and wait and see. By the time we got to the doctor, his temperature was 104, and he was miserable. Any guesses on what he had? Strep throat. Some antibiotics and fever reducer later and he’s feeling better today. But, really, Seamus. On the first week your dad’s had off, so I can go to work on my writing. He knows how to pick ’em.

The good news is much more exciting. After much hand-wringing and outlining of Chapter 2, I’m proud to announce that it’s in the works, and despite germ baby, moving right along. Three days into the writing and I’m partially through my outline and gently crafting the argument I want to make.

Yesterday, I reprised VAMPY a little bit, by going to Albuquerque Academy to share a lesson on King Lear with my friend’s class. It was fun to work with the kids and see them think about the language and staging of a scene. I do miss teaching VAMPY, but it’s nice to have time to write and think. Six hours of Shakespeare a day is busy! 

Tonight we’re going to take Seamus to his very first baseball game. We have a group of ten of us going to the Isotopes buy-one-get-one-free tonight. First though, we’re stopping in for some of Albuquerque’s best pizza (according to Albuquerque Magazine). We’re right on the thrid base line, so Patrick and I are discussing whether or not Seamus should wear his helmet to the game.

And Friday, I’m blowing this joint for California. So excited to see Amanda and Linnea. It’s always been too long when I see them. On a side note, it’s probably good that my ability to enjoy sangria is compromised, because somehow, that always gets me in trouble in San Francisco. I can’t imagine why.

On balance, there’s more good than bad this week. Check back for my report on holding it all together while Patrick takes off for Indy, IN on the 20th.


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  1. In light of recent events I’d say you’re very strong. How did an
    airline cancel a flight out of SLC? And your fiasco with the outraged stewardess on Southwest. Talk about a bad stewardess day! Full jets and snippy stewardess’ make for a bad flight anytime. There’s a large event here on the 10th July
    if you all can make it. Wallin’s party was upstaged by the new
    ROXY Theater’s opening. The who’s who of Franklin went to the ROXY instead of Wallin’s. Jordan Boyer and Wallin worked on our cell phone today. It may be working again . . or not.
    Isotopes? River Bats? What do you say to cheer up such icons:
    Go taupes? Go Bats? We in KY have much to be thankful for.
    We had John Wall, we have whiskey, smokes, horses, tobacco.
    And don’t forget coal. It’s not missed by us that the EPA discriminated against us and 4 other coal states by requiring higher standards of water quality at certain gateway points.
    The tobacco is gone to Africa. The whiskey is heavily taxed now. The horse industry is dying before our eyes. Gambling
    can’t seem to take off. And they’re making it tougher on coal.
    Massey Energy is our only friend. If it weren’t for religion, KY would have little to distinguish itself anymore!

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