Tiki Party and Other News

Last night we went to a tiki party at our friends’ house.If you scroll down, you’ll see that they have an awesome backyard. Anyway, it’s been a while since we went out at night with Seamus, and even longer since we had an occasion to dress up, as for a theme party. We weren’t going to dress up much, but when we saw a baby Hawaiian print shirt, well, let’s just say that baby clothes have a way of making mom and dad feel less than cool. It was a great party. Our friends’ baby is so cute, with big blue eyes and chubby cheeks. They were grilling and had a special drinks list. Plus we saw some people we knew, met some new folks, and generally enjoyed an evening out. Pictures to come.

Otherwise, we’ve been trying to stay active. This weekend was much more conducive to that with temps in the 80s rather than the 100 degree weather we had last weekend. So we’ve walked to Trader Joe’s, and biked to a Vietnamese restaurant, and I swam with Sheri yesterday. She is so fast. I guess it’s something to aspire to, but it’s hard to think that when she’s doing 200 yards to my 150. The nurse at the midwife clinic admonished me for losing weight. This is after last time around being admonished for gaining weight too fast, so I can’t win. I chalk it up to water and time of day, because the scale at my house shows a steady progression up. But, it’s spurred me to think about how everyday of our lives, women (and young girls) get the message that there is no such thing as too thin, and any pound off the frame is good riddance. Then, the second we get pregnant, we’re supposed flip an invisible switch and “be healthy for the baby” which includes gaining just enough weight (at the “right” time during the pregnancy) and it’s very frustrating. Because, oh yeah, the second the baby is out, we’re expected to melt the baby weight off, and everybody thinks it’s their business to comment on how fast you are (or aren’t) losing it. So yes, clearly I have issues here. Otherwise, even thought I forget to take the prenatal vitamin sometimes, my iron levels are fine, and no diabetes for me. I’m a little sad though, because the midwife I had through my last pregnancy is starting a doctorate and won’t be in clinic anymore, so I have to switch. Darn those people wanting to get doctorates!

And we’re sick. Again. Day care is so wonderful in so many ways, but it opens us all up to colds in the middle of summer. Does anything sound less fun? I have more news, but I can’t remember right now, so I guess it will be another post.



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