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In Kentucky May 21, 2010

Filed under: Family Life,Travel — leighj @ 10:41 pm

In Kentucky, it rains every time I visit. That’s kind of nice since it almost never rains in New Mexico. It’s not so nice, since one of the things I look forward to most is going on walks with my parents and arguing about whether to walk to the bridge via the grass (ticks, snakes, and grass clinging to my toes) or the road (cars going by too fast that can’t see you). Now that we have Seamus I win this one more because his stroller is infinitely easier to push over pavement than grass.

In Kentucky, I never get as much work done as I think I’m going to. There are lots of distractions and the dial up internet makes procrastinating even easier since I have to wait a long time for the page to load. That said, I still have to finish revisions on this chapter, and they’re probably going to have to wait until I get back.

I get glimpses into how I was raised. Today for instance, my dad was playing with a brown mud snapping turtle on the walk. Seamus, seeing what the turtle was capable of, curled his little feet into the stroller and protected them from the turtle. He’s eaten quiche, lasagna, and all kinds of other things. He’s been made to climb all the way up and down the stairs, which he loves. He screams when I try to take him from my mom. He’s apparently “in training” for a walking regime and can’t be given certain foods or be carried which might interfere with his training. He gets to read a lot of books. He’s figuring out how to build his blocks and has plenty of cabinets to explore. He doesn’t nap. Wow, he’s been busy.

I get to see friends and enjoy what they’ve been up to. Last night, I had a nice dinner with Shelley and Nicholas and their funny funny children. Somehow we talked about animal and cadaver dissection all through dinner. These two are 11 and 8 and eating with them reminded me how much I have to look forward to in terms of conversations with children around the dinner table.


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