End of Semester

We had a nice weekend–one that involved walking to Trader Joe’s, going to observe a youth climbing competition, and lots of rest because it seems that like most of America we are just one ____ away from __(very bad thing)____. In the case of what I usually read, that’s one job loss, health care snafu, etc away from poverty. In our case, it’s one night of bad sleep away from a cold. And last week Seamus was teething and congested and had trouble sleeping. We were determined to watch Sherlock Holmes so didn’t got to bed as early as we should have, and well, I don’t have to tell you what happened next. But it seems like we’re all on the mend again.

We’d better be because this week is so busy. Between Dr.s appts and graduations that we have to attend, our schedules are barely holding on. On Saturday, I’m headed to Kentucky with Seamus for a much needed break and visit. In the meantime, I have to finish drafting an introduction, revising a chapter, giving and grading final exams, reading a chapter from one friend, reading an article from another friend, and pack. Yikes.

Meanwhile, I’ve been dreaming about cactus needles embedding into my hands. What do you think that means?



  1. From the handy dandy online dream dictionary:

    “To see a cactus in your dream in your dream, suggest that you are feeling invaded. Your space is being crowded into and you feel like you are being suffocated. The prickly spines of the cactus represent your wish to establish a boundary of your personal space and privacy. Perhaps you have found yourself in a sticky situation. Alternatively, a cactus may be symbolic of your need to defend yourself in some way. To see a cactus in your dream can also signify your need to adapt your existing circumstances instead of trying to change them. ”

    My initial thought was simply that you are living life quite fully. Or maybe you are too busy right now.

    Have a great trip to Kentucky. Say hello to your folks, and that particular kind of green for me.


  2. Thanks, Phoebe, for the interpretation. I agree that things had been too busy, and there’s nothing quite like pregnancy for feeling invaded. We’ve probably had more rain in KY than you have in PDX this week!

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