From Teeny to Not

It’s his birthday, and so here are some pictures:

Newborn Seamus

He had those weird red marks all over him, his fists were always closed, and he was so small!

Now he does things like this!

Taking Apart the Pantry

He still has weird marks, but they’re from doing stuff. And he wants to have a piece of everything–in this case the blender will have to do. (Luckily it’s not running.)

He’s almost tripled his weight (7 lbs 12 oz to 22 lbs) and he’s grown at least 10 inches (19 to 29) in the last year. He’s also fully developed his lungs to screech when he wants (or doesn’t want) something. He still loves a bath, and he still loves to eat. I can’t wait for all the cool stuff he’s going to learn how to do this year! Happy Birthday!


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