Seattle: AKA The Last Travel Post

Back from Seattle and NACCS–the National Association of Chicana and Chicano Studies Conference. What a trip. It was fun because I got to go with a friend again and we seem to still be getting along really well, even after going to San Antonio and Seattle. Even had some withdrawal from each other. We stayed with her grandmother on Bainbridge Island. Her grandmother is quite the character. She makes it her business to stay healthy and get around. In my book, anyone over 80 still walking and talking on a roll is envy worthy!

To start, we had five modes of transportation in one day. A car to the airport, a plane to the light rail, the train to downtown, our feet to the ferry, and the boat to the island. Riding the ferry reminded me of what I liked so much about Seattle when I visited as a kid. The pushy folks from the Socialist Workers Press reminded me of what irritated me about the Pacific Northwest when I was in college. Am I a conservative? The horror, the horror.

The conference was really productive; we saw some really interesting, engaging intellectual panels, and our papers were both well received with thoughtful questions. Some really interesting (and sad) stuff on the South Central Farm in LA and its sale to developers by the city council.

Then I got to spend a delightful couple of days with my friends ML and Dustin in Seattle. We walked around the lake, ate some ice cream, and in a classic ML move, there was cake waiting for me when I arrived. Delicious! I’m so happy for them, getting ready to move to the next stage of their lives as professors at the University of Arkansas. We’re going to have a goat coop, that is if I get a job and move there too…

Patrick’s been in Dallas for his new job. This school (the NexGen schools) sounds amazing and his team is shaping up. Nothing like having a partner who’s enjoying his work too.

Seamus is taking steps, and today, he braved three steps for an empty water bottle. Those of you who remember, that was what motivated him to crawl at first too. I don’t get it.

Next week’s blog posts are going to be awesome. Come back for more.


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