Good-bye to All That

This title comes from a Robin Morgan essay that I used to have students read until I realized that the references are so dated that they have no idea what’s going on in the essay. Basically she’s saying she’s through with sexism, racism, and oppression. I’m not as ambitious. I’m only through with February. We are moving on from the wreckage.

To be fair, the Louisville Conference was great. Too bad all the plans had to change in order to accomodate it. It was fun to see M, my cousin and her husband, Deepa, Granny, and Dad. Very sweet that my mom took good care of Seamus.

But we have to be getting better! Otherwise we have a 10 month old who has cut two teeth in the last month (sharp little daggers that hurt when he bites), two failed ski trips, eight pages written on my dissertation, etc.

Last night our friend J brought over some delicious looking 2x baked potatoes. He assured me that they are not healthy. Excellent. I assured him that the mixed berry muffins I made for the food exchange were inadvertantly too healthy. In that I forgot to add the sugar and the butter to the batter.

Since I’ve been sick, I’ve allowed myself to wallow in some fiction reading that has nothing to do with my dissertation:

Book Review: The Ten Year Nap by Meg Wolitzer

I finished this book this weekend in Red River. I loved how well drawn the characters are–with the exception of one who seems sort of stock. Basically four women had exited the labor force 10 years ago to have children and have yet to find a way to opt back in. The sleep theme is evident and poignant, with one character literally sleepwalking into a cry for help. Often in these type of stories I find the women annoying, but this novel renders them sympathetic, especially with regard to their bewilderment at their situations.

And now, I’m going to finish Chapter 5. No day but today.


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