Working Productively; It is Possible!

I’ve been blogging a lot about Seamus lately, because, well, he’s the only one doing anything exciting around here. But not anymore! I have regained productivity. I wrote two pages yesterday after deleting a page and a half that I had the strength to admit weren’t working. Today, I plan on writing more, more, more, and meeting with my advisor and a number of other things I will reveal in time. I also have plans to grade some papers, and I did read an entire book yesterday morning. Ahh, progress. Except, yesterday it took me an hour and a half to eat lunch past the point where I was starving. So I have to balance food and work. More important than baby and work, clearly.

Fifty minutes is too short for class…yesterday, we were just getting into this major dissing scene where a man quotes Shakespeare at Gloria Damasco and then tells her about it, when (if there were bells in college) the bell rang. I had to leave them wanting more. (right). In seriousness, it helps my classes so much if I start by asking them to write down a few things they want to say about the book or article before we begin. Yesterday so many students commented who just haven’t yet, and they did so because they had something written down on their paper that they wanted to say. And it was good stuff.

Brief cake update: They all turned out great. They were all from a recent (2009) issue of Gourmet, if you develop the urge to cook them. Here are some pictures:

Mile High Chocolate Cake

This one is really good, but I did change the frosting recipe from the one suggested. The layers are so delicious, you almost don’t need frosting.

Fresh Coconut Layer Cake

Also had a frosting change with this one, due to equipment challenges. We don’t have a hand mixer anymore, having given ours to Goodwill. So instead, I made White Mountain Frosting for this cake. It got better a day later as the coconut water soaked into the cake.

Pecan Fig Bourbon Cake

Christine made this one. It can be overpowered by the sweetness of the other cakes, but on its own with coffee? Unbeatable.

Caramel Cake

This one isn’t the prettiest, by a long shot, but it was great. So sweet with a rich yellow cake and a light but delicious glaze. This is the one that’s gone.

A fun way to spend a birthday–in a sugar coma. And now Seamus is up from his nap, and he’s calling Mamamamamam for me.


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