The Big Snow Lie

It was supposed to snow a major storm Wednesday night through this morning. But it didn’t. I was really hoping Patrick would have a snow day so he could take Seamus to his 9 month well child check with me. I always forget the questions I want to ask, even if I have a list, I forget my list. But it does appear that Seamus has a little tooth bud maybe popping up. I’m kind of used to his toothless grin though.

The snow was supposed to be about 3-4 inches. I was convinced that the Thursday night class was doomed; if it had snowed like they said, we likely would have had night classes cancelled, once again postponing my meeting of the students in the Women and Cultural Violence class. But we met, and 29 showed up, two left at break. Twenty-seven is a manageable number of students. Several though seem to have missed the point of the reading for the week, so we’ll be working on critical reading and thesis statements next week. That’s a lesson I can teach in my sleep, but it’s so necessary.

The Intro to Chicana/o Lit is going well. Controversy confronted, analyzed, deconstructed. Awesome. I’m hoping for continued good things from them over the next few weeks when we read selections from the materials I’m using in my dissertation: Black Widow’s Wardrobe, Mother Tongue, and “Woman Hollering Creek.”

Writing is painful. I haven’t gotten much done in the last two weeks, and that is inducing panic in my brain. MUST GET A CHAPTER FINISHED! I will; I remind myself that the chapters I wrote last semester were put off a few times for time-sensitive projects. I will write them. Especially since I have to present sections from some of them at the conferences I’m going to this spring.

Tomorrow, cake! Mile High Chocolate, Coconut, Bourbon Fig Pecan, and maybe Caramel. We are not making the recommended frosting for the Mile High Chocolate, because it requires SIX sticks of butter!

We’re going to Colorado in a couple of weeks to ski with Patrick’s dad. But in a great cosmic retribution, Colorado doesn’t have as much snow as New Mexico does right now. Here the skiing is once in a decade.


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  1. I’m tired of all the hoople-heads telling us that there will be lots of snow and then not getting it. We may all need to take our own snow-day some time. Maybe when its warm out and we can go for a hike…

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