Classes Start with A Bang!

Remember how I was worried that my Chicana/o Literature class might not make if not more that 13 people signed up? Yeah, that was crazy. I have 34 students in that class! And I’m meeting at least 36 more tonight. That’s the most students I have ever had in a semester. And especially after last year, when I only taught one in the fall and one in the spring with about 18 in each.

I (used to) pride myself on knowing all of my students names by the end of the first week. This may be first time I completely abandon that goal. Yikes. Thirty-four on paper looks like a lot fewer students than thirty-four in person. Luckily in that class, I already know three of my students because they are repeats. And they’re good students! We went around the room and I asked for their names again plus a New Year’s Resolution, or if that was too embarrassing to tell, they could say a movie they saw or a book they read over break.

For me: my New Year’s Resolution, among others, is to be more present in what I’m doing, for instance, not surfing the internet when I’m spending time with Seamus or Patrick. I still plan to talk on the phone and walk though. I saw Up in the Air which was great. I read A Short History of Women by Kate Walbert, which was good, certainly, but I’m not sure it belonged on the NYTimes best of 2009 list. And speaking of the NYTimes, what’s up with the plan to charge for web access?



  1. I like your new-years resolution. Does it mean that you won’t try to engage in other tasks like eating when you are supposed to be surfing the web? Your class sounds like its gonna be fun…

  2. Hi Leigh,
    I also take issue with the NYTimes plan to charge for web access. My addiction to their website will not break easily and in anticipation of the future user fee, I plan to check their site at least 20-57 times per day. Hopefully, I will over-ingest Krugman and Kristof to the point that I won’t be able to read another word. I’ll let you know if my plan works.

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