Thanks to our friends, we went snowshoeing this weekend at Valles Caldera, an old volcano. It was the second time we’d been there, and the first time we went without absolutely freezing. We put Seamus in the Kelty Kid Carrier (obtained in Breckenridge for a steal):

Cool Guy

He does not like those sunglasses, but since his hands weren’t free, he couldn’t take them off (for a change). Stacey, seen above, and I planned stealth (or as stealth as one can be in snowshoes) attacks on Christine and Erin. It was a blast, even if we didn’t work out exactly.

Here’s a series of Seamus enjoying the snow:

And the faceplant:

Patrick Rescuing Seamus before I Could Get a Really Good Shot
Yum, Snow!

The end!

I’ll be back to long angsty posts as soon as Seamus is in afternoon daycare. We’ve been doing transition to the classroom this week. Don’t even get me started. A woman tried to out-hippie me. And succeeded.


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