Past the Pain

Poor little Seamus was sick yesterday and last night. Just a fever, but it knocked the little guy down. He wanted to be held and nothing else. So we passed him back and forth like a hot potato–which he was. And this is bad, but here it is: He’s sweeter when he’s sick. Last night I came home from teaching and he was laying on Patrick’s chest. He looked up, acknowledged that I was back, sighed, and dropped his head back down on Patrick. I am NOT signing up for sick baby all the time though. No, when his fever broke at five this morning and my smiley boy was back, that’s exactly what we wanted. Now we’re both attempting to function today after long shifts with him last night.

As for other things on past the pain, I am thiiisss close to being done with the second draft of chapter four, and when I am, let the party begin. I’ll have produced close to sixty pages of dissertation this semester. And that’s only the start of it.

Tuesday we fly to Kentucky. I am ready for some relaxing, food, and the chance to get in some two a days!

And I’m finished teaching for this semester. Only a little jealous of my friend HappyintheinBetween who doesn’t have to teach again until August. But she does have to go through labor and delivery, so I guess it’s a trade off…And another friend The Yeard is developing a beard to rival Patrick’s throat beard from last summer.


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