On Houseguests

Before we had Seamus, we had a guest room. And we often had people willing to come fill it for us. We love having visitors. We’d make pizza, go for a hike, watch TV, make waffles, you get the idea…lots of eating and drinking and a little exercise for good measure. Now we have a futon in the office. We still have visitors, and it’s still awesome. But it’s funny–we’ve stopped doing so much for houseguests, and they’ve started doing more for us! I’d like to dedicate this post to our wonderful houseguests over the last, well, five years. It’s a testament to how to be a good houseguest by virtue of the things we’ve loved that you’ve done.*

  1. Shared hilarious delightful stories about your travels or lives.
  2. Not offered to do the dishes, but have just done them.
  3. Exclaimed over Seamus!
  4. Held/Played with/Fed/Entertained Seamus.
  5. Cooked up some of your specialties.
  6. Rearranged furniture at our request.
  7. Brought your own book for down time.
  8. Be always up for going for a walk.
  9. Engage in some morning (or anytime) yoga.
  10. Play with face masks and beauty products.

Because we’re getting ready to go visiting, I’m thinking about working on some of these desirable qualities for myself. What do you love that houseguests do?

*No one could do all of these things. It’s just a sampling from the folks who’ve been here.


  1. You better have the guest bed ready for us…. Robin tells me that I have to cook and do the dishes, we’ll just have to order pizza in.

    I hope that both you and Paddy have been well, Robin and I have had an interesting few months, and we’re looking forward to an abq, visit. I just realized that I’ll be in town in january, feb, and march. I’m looking forward to getting an honest beer from an honest brewery when were in town.

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