Yesterday, I spent an enormous amount of time grading and meeting with students; that’s what the end of the semester is now that I don’t have classes I’m taking to worry about. And there have been interesting challenges this semester. We’re also at the point though, where I envision my life without these people in it every week, and it makes me sad. They’re funny, fascinating people who give me new things to think about and ask important questions.

Yet, after I finished a bunch of grading, I went over to the library to check out two books on the GI Bill I need for my dissertation. As I was reading and walking back to my office (yes, I do this, and I bet you do it too, even though it has caused numerous embarrassing events), an overwhelming sense of longing came over me. Longing to sit in my office and read the chapter on the GI Bill and race and then to write how this affects the stories in my dissertation. Longing to read and write. Bleh.

Instead, I went home and spent a delightful afternoon with Seamus. He would stand for five seconds on his own and then sit down. I’d clap clap clap “Yay Seamus! High five!” and he’d laugh and put his hand up. Then we played chase, which involves much screaming with laughter. And I only thought about those books a few times.

But here’s the kicker. Right now, I’m in my office and I could be reading the book, but I’m telling you all about it instead. I want this chapter done by Christmas. Present to myself. Here’s hoping.



  1. You’ll get the dissertation done. I have complete faith in you. Just remember that playing chase with your young son and getting high fives from him at this age is something you can never get back, and that you’ve got the rest of your life for academia. And if anyone can be a great mom and a great scholar at the same time, I’m convinced that it would be you. Rock on!

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