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Post-Thanksgiving Wrap Up November 30, 2009

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Howdy! I hope you had a great Thanksgiving. Around here, we had so much fun, I forgot to blog, but now Patrick’s making quizzes for tomorrow, and I am avoiding doing anything that might be mistaken for work.Here’s how our Thanksgiving went:

We both had Wednesday off–a great start to the long weekend (although if it’s five days off, can you call it a weekend?)! Sarah came, and Patrick and I went for a run in the foothills. Beautiful. Then happy hour with some friends. Seamus has really taken to restaurant high chairs, especially since they usually involve being bribed with cereal puffs and plastic keys.

Thursday, of course was Thanksgiving, and we did it up like vegetarians should, skipping the turkey and going straight to the delicious bread stuffing, twice baked potatoes, and sugar pies. We had pecan with brown rice syrup (so much healthier than Karo, hahaha), pumpkin (which was pumpkin and two kinds of squash mixed together), and apple. I made a West African yam and peanut stew, which was delicious. The recipe is in Vegan Fire and Spice by Robin Robertson–who incidentally is the genius author of Fresh from the Vegetarian Slow Cooker which is where the stuffing recipe came from. Friend and crew showed up around 8:00 leading to raucously good times.

We all trekked to Trader Joe’s on Friday. Quick Quiz: What is the most empty place in America on the Friday after Thanksgiving? The grocery store. Three cashiers were so bored they practically bribed us to check out with them. When we went to Home Depot to get foam to put around the scary metal legs of the coffee table, our friends rearranged the furniture in the living room. It is awesome! Looks huge, and it’s much safer. Then we became uberdorks by learning to play Settlers of Catan on Friday evening. I LOVE THAT GAME! um. yeah. Big nerds. We played with some new friends who have the game, and who will become better friends by succumbing to my strategy next time we play.

Saturday was different. We drove to Santa Fe (as apparently, they only sell these in small town New Mexico), and I got some Vibram Five Fingers–the barefoot shoe. I’ve worn them the prescribed hour or two a day since, and I’m really looking forward to running in them. We got there (to Santa Fe, not the store), and I looked in my wallet, realized I’d forgotten my credit card, and told Patrick, “Oh, can you spot me on these?” He did a lot of moaning about how convenient that was but humored me. We walked Seamus all around the plaza and as we got back in the car, I noticed that I’d been rubbing a card, that had bumpy ridges on it, in my pocket. And, that’s right, it was my credit card. So I ended up treating us to delicious beers at Second Street Brewery.

We tried to watch Up last night but the first twenty minutes convinced me it was the WORST MOVIE EVER, and we didn’t finish it. SPOILER ALERT: Can it get worse than watching clouds turn into babies and then sitting crying in a doctor’s office? Why yes, it can. The evil corporate monsters invade. Aack. Instead we watched The Wire. Depressing, yes, but so much better.

This morning, Sarah was coming so we needed to get our run on. We went down to the Bosque on a great run Myrriah used to run with me. I had just finished warning Patrick about all the roots in the path (“Just be careful where you step”) when one of those roots jumped up and bit me. I fell, bringing back memories of the 10K I ran earlier this fall, where haha I fell around mile three. This may be my destiny. OR IT MAY BE WHY I NEED TO RUN BAREFOOT! Just sayin’.

Here are some things I didn’t do:

  • Any school work.
  • Shopping on Black Friday.
  • Resisting food.
  • Stress out about how quickly the semester is ending.

Things Seamus is doing:

  • Eating anything and everything.
  • Slapping high fives.
  • Finding the dirtiest or most dangerous thing in the room to chew on.
  • Taking all of his toys out of a basket.
  • Sitting in his car seat blowing raspberries and taking off his socks.
  • Pulling up on the wall and then forgetting how to get down.
  • Making us laugh at least hourly.

9 Responses to “Post-Thanksgiving Wrap Up”

  1. John Says:

    We are not as cool as you guys and I did work (I’m working now) and you are getting to be a better and better blogger. G’s folks are leaving Tuesday…

    • leighj Says:

      Thanks John, and you worked as a luxary rather than an obligation, and I think that makes a difference. More Wire for you on Tuesday. Can you handle the depression?

  2. D & A Says:

    Yeah Catan. Good thing the right person won! Until next time…..

  3. myrriah Says:

    All that excitement and all I can say is: I am SO jealous that you bought five fingers! Now, you have to try running in them, and let me know how that goes!

  4. Catherine Says:

    I would just like to say that I am now even sadder that you live so far away. We LOVE Settler’s of Catan (and we acknowledge that we may seem like dorks because of it). But we don’t know anyone in Tallahassee that plays it, and it’s MUCH more fun with more than two people. So we have a tendency to force visitors to play it with us:) Glad you love it, too!

    • leighj Says:

      Now we need a rendevous in KY badly. To show off babies and play the game! BTW our friends who played with us are expecting a baby about the same time you are!

  5. theyeard Says:

    play some settler’s and eat some food. sounds like a holiday to me.

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