Work Failure

This week has been not very productive. Yet teaching has gone really well, with students responding to the reading with lively discussion involving students that never ever speak otherwise. I wrote one and a half encyclopedia entries. Read a book. But there’s been a lot of upheaval in schedules, etc. which caused work to move to a lower place in line.

Sorority dinner was fun. My student was funny, entertaining, and obliging. There was another teacher there that I knew who ended up sitting at the table with me. Funniest moment, all the girls at the table I was sitting at cleaned their plates and started looking around for dessert (a delicious apple pie with lots of apples and ice cream). One of them laughed and said, “We’re known as the sorority who eats. We love our desserts.” And they all cleaned their dessert plates too without feeling self-conscious about it. Overall it was nice to be reminded that students are people and have interesting lives that they don’t always talk about in offices or class. I think it’s important for professors to have meals with students sometimes. At Lewis & Clark, it made a real difference in the campus community.

What was I doing if I wasn’t working very hard this week, you ask? I ran two days, and if I get some new shoes, I might run again today. I’m seriously starting to think about that barefoot running; it’s supposed to strengthen arches and prevent injury. I talked to Amanda and am so glad because she’s always exactly what I need to hear. I loaded music on my iPod shuffle and pitched a fit when I realized that I’m missing some of my Bruce Springsteen that I NEED.

I have to take Seamus to the pediatrician today for 6 month shots. I’m simultaneously dreading and looking forward to it. Dreading because, really, who wants to watch a kid get shots? Looking forward because our pediatrician is rad. He comes in and says, “Wow! He looks great! You all are doing such a great job!” It’s like parenting cheerleading.



  1. Leigh – check these out – I hike in them and LOVE them:

    Also – a word to the wise, our good (and super fit friend) recently started hiking in her new five fingers, and then loved them so much she started running, but she did too much too soon, and fractured a bone in her foot – so if you are not barefoot often, give yourself plenty of time to strengthen.

  2. I really want to try barefoot running, but I’m kind of scared in Albuquerque. Forget glass and bugs, what about needles? Eeep.

    A friend of mine loves barefoot running and even got her mom into it. So it’s on the agenda when I figure out how!

    Phoebe, Those look great!

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