Veterans Day Awesomeness

Today is going to be a great day! Patrick has today off (thanks Veterans), and his mom is here and they are going to Tent Rocks which is a beautiful place, and if you’ve never been there, we’ll take you the next time you visit. However, I am not going today! And they’re taking Seamus, so I get to do whatever I want.

First, I got up late, but sort of early, because it was late for Patrick, but early for me to get to be at school. I was at school before Sarah usually even arrives at the house. I get to ease into my day, in which I’m going to submit my ACLS / Mellon fellowship application and finish the encyclopedia entry on Fabiola Cabeza de Baca.

I’m going to do a two a day today too. In that Christine and I are going to run at Copper and then Sheri and I are going to run the Bosque. In between though, I’m going to go to a presentation on a professional persona in the academy. Hmm, I think I’m going to go in my running clothes, but I will have showered, so that’s ok, right? And they always have brownies, walnut brownies.

This running gig means that I will get to have copious amounts of sushi tonight. Yes, we have a babysitter tonight so that we can all go out for dinner and Seamus can be where he likes it best, at home. Really, there’s so much more to do there. Crawl around, look for wayward shoes that people have carelessly left about and chew on them, or alternatively look for wheels, either on a stroller or  a suitcase and chew on them. (What is it with the chewing on gross things from outside?) Or engage in some standing action. Take a bath. Home isn’t sounding so bad, huh?

In other news, my hair has developed a very bizarre cowlick that makes ponytails–my primary method of hairstlying–look strange. Grr.


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