Phoning it in

Dear Students,

I’m sorry for sneezing all over you last night. I’m coming down with (or just a victim of ongoing) a sinus infection or some such. Seamus is a little snorfully too.

I’m also sorry for googling “teaching Bartleby” in search of discussion questions for last night’s reading. Luckily someone had thought of this before and created some very good questions. I borrowed them, but you answered them enthusiastically and well. It also accidentally fit in with the discussion of American Romanticism we were having.

Thank you also, student, for bringing in a copy of a movie Bartleby and admittedly B-movie comedy of not so epic proportions. I did enjoy putting in the DVD, selecting a random scene, and it being the one that I couldn’t find in the reading earlier. Clever.

But  you’ll be glad to know that the lively discussions of noncanonical work will be back on Thursday when we discuss “Tennessee’s Partner” and “Cuco Goes to a Party.” It won’t be the first time we talk about homoeroticism, and it won’t be the last.

Meanwhile, keep up the good work.





  1. Are we talking about Mellville’s “Bartleby the Scrivener?” If so, I think that is probably the best story he ever wrote. I must admit I’m intrigued by this bad comedy movie version of Bartleby from your student.

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