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Naming October 30, 2009

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Generally, when I see the word “naming” I’m thinking of identities, positionalities, sexualities, etc. However, today I’m talking about names. My friend loaned me a book, and unfortunately, one of the main characters is named Leigh. I find it very distracting. So much so that I can’t finish this book after investing a couple of hours in it. It’s not that great anyway.

This Leigh is extremely OCD, prone to panic attacks, and a senior editor for a publishing house. She’s different from me, but the name. I’ve never encountered this before. Therefore, I now see the value in names that aren’t going to pop up in everyday reading.

And, Seamus is starting the army crawl.


2 Responses to “Naming”

  1. Carrie Says:

    maybe this is why i can’t get into SATC

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