Balancing Roles as Student and Teacher

I had the honor of giving a talk for EGSA today on balancing roles as a student and teacher. We can of course add mother in here as well, since the talk, scheduled from 1-2 was not in the realm of my usual childcare scheduled time. Thanks, Jeremy for watching Seamus in your office while the presentation was going on. I know the delicious walnut brownie from the SUB didn’t entirely make up for it. Seamus was dressed for the part though, in a “Freshman” t-shirt and newsboy hat. And yes, I know I did just teach sexist language in my Women Studies class this morning, and the phrase on the shirt should probably read first year student.

As for the talk, my two points were (and as a public address forensicator, I know it’s better to have three, but two’s all I can muster these days) first, pick the time of day that’s most productive for you and work and second, try to assign work that you won’t dread grading. I think I’m doing pretty good on these counts. Morning is easily my best time of day, and I have good solid chunks of time on Mondays and Wednesdays to do that work; the classes I’m teaching now lend themselves to excellent assignments that are fun to read. Manifestos, anyone?

So, let me ask you, what are your responsibilities and how do you “balance” them? Any really good time-management tricks that you actually do (I’m not interested in the ones you pretend to do :))?



  1. I try to write for at least two hours everyday. It is impossible to plan an exact time now that Naomi is here, but the minute Junko and I get her down for a long afternoon nap, I get right to it!

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